Campaign Catalyst

Campaign Catalyst

Whether it’s a special event, special promotion, or you just need more leads, our campaign catalysts will combine award-winning design, proven copy that converts, and flawless implementation to give you the best ROI you’ve ever experienced.

Whether it’s a special event, special promotion, or you just need more leads, our team will create the perfect campaign to meet and exceed your marketing needs. Award-winning design, proven copy that converts, and flawless implementation make our campaigns the most successful you’ll experience in ROI, lead generation, and attendees.

Our well-thought-out and masterfully-executed campaign catalysts will have your current customers spending more and new customers begging you to take their money. Prospecting, Retention, Reactivation, we have you covered!

Sometimes the success of your business comes down to how you interact with your would-be clients. Are you wow-ing them with unique, standout, engaging correspondence? Or is a simple, drab postcard once a year all they are seeing of you?

Our Campaign Catalysts are a surefire way to put your business on the fast track to sales growth. Get the boost of business you need by investing in a direct marketing campaign that will produce serious results.

With Campaign Catalysts, you can leave the marketing project up to us, from conception to fulfillment. Don't worry, you'll be busy taking care of all the new business it brings you, anyway. Our Campaign Catalyst will catapult your leads and sales in no time.


During Our In-Depth Discovery Process, We Carefully Examine and Analyze…

• Product / Service Descriptions
• Customer Buying Profiles & Sales Process
• Previous Market Research
• Existing Marketing Collateral & Tactics (What’s Worked? What Hasn’t?)
• Previous Press Releases
• Key Service Benefits and Differentiators
• Positioning • Key Messaging
• Key Competitors – Strengths & Weaknesses, Similarities & Differences
• Associations, Partnerships, Endorsements, Awards, & Certifications

During the development of your campaign strategy, we...

• Define Features and Benefits of Your Product or Service
• Identify Your Target Markets
• Analyze the Competition
• Assess Distribution Channels
• Examine the Buying Process
• Create Positioning and Messaging
• Identify Awareness and Marketing Opportunities
• Identify Offline Marketing Opportunities
• Identify Online Lead Generation Opportunities
• Document Findings in an Easy-to-Use Document

Based on our finding, DMC will design, produce and implement...

A campaign that is calculated to meet and exceed the objectives set forth by DMC and our client prior to campaign development.

The Campaign Catalyst is what happens when copy that sells meets graphic design that catches the eye.
To learn more or get your project started, simply call 813.579.9540 or email [email protected].

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