Core 4 Consulting

Core 4 Consulting

Quantifying ROI, A/B testing, and fine-tuning design and messaging is what separates suffering companies from the ones that are exceling. Experience full-service scientific, automated marketing with our all-inclusive consulting, limited to only 4 members.

Core 4 Consulting is for business owners serious about exponential growth.  This 100% full service marketing is designed to provide business owners with consistent and effective marketing throughout the year. 

This marketing system is designed to increase average purchase value, purchase frequency, and referral numbers with existing customers.  We will also profile your ideal customer and develop pinpointed new customer acquisition strategies that will attract only prospects with the highest profit potential.

External vs Internal Marketing

Not only does Core 4 Consulting provide you with the ultimate marketing system, but we will also analyze your internal marketing and provide recommendations to improve employee performance.

We will evaluate your sales process, as well as other internal processes, and provide recommendations to shorten the sales cycle and to make your business’ systems as streamlined and efficient as possible.

Core 4 Consulting will not only drastically increase your revenue, but will also set you up to be as profitable as humanly possible.

Methods and Processes

As a Core 4 client, you will receive all the scientific, systematic analyses we deliver to our Marketing Mastery clients but with far more time and attention from our top strategists. When you choose Core 4, you become our highest priority.

We will examine, analyze, and develop your marketing in the following areas…


Business Goals, Product / Service Descriptions, Customer Buying Profiles & Sales Process, Previous Market Research, Existing Marketing Collateral & Tactics, Previous Press Releases, Key Service Benefits/Hidden Benefits and Differentiators, Positioning, Key Messaging, Key Competitors – Strengths & Weaknesses, Similarities & Differences, Associations, Partnerships, Endorsements, Awards, & Certifications, Social Media Presence & Postings, Web Review, and More


Features and Benefits of Your Product or Service, Target Markets, Competition, Distribution Channels, Buying Process, Positioning and Messaging, Awareness and Marketing Opportunities, Offline Marketing Opportunities, Online Lead Generation Opportunities, and More


Tactical 12 Month Marketing Plan, Comprehensive Marketing Portfolio, Prospecting Campaigns, Retention Solutions, Sales Letters, Reactivation Campaigns, Authority-Building Shook, Sales Follow-Up Program, Referral Program, Holiday/Birthday Campaigns, Personalized-Calendars, and More  
Basically, as a Core 4 Client, you receive all of the benefits of our full range of solutions and services, with the power of boundless creativity and dedication. The limitations that we must place on other clients are abandoned for a select four. The growth potential of our Core 4 clients is infinite.

Is your business right for Core 4?

This system isn’t right for every business owner; if interested, you will be put through an application process, as we only have the bandwidth to handle 4 of these clients. Needless to say, only businesses that are the right fit will be eligible for this system.

If you would like to start the application process or learn more about your eligibility for Core 4 Consulting, please call 813.579.9540 to schedule your one-on-one introduction call with Devin Herz or email [email protected].

Core 4 Consulting
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Core 4 Consulting
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