Marketing Mastery

Marketing Mastery

Benefit from the decades of our combined “real world” marketing expertise by utilizing DMC as your expert marketing department to develop and implement a year of cohesive and profit-driven marketing for less than the cost of one marketing staff member.

“Hire” an expert marketing department to develop, create, and implement a year of cohesive and results-driven marketing for less than the cost of one marketing staff member. Well-thought-out and masterfully executed yearlong strategies will have your current customers spending more and new customers begging you to take their money.

Every successful business owner knows the power of consistent and impactful marketing, but most successful business owners are too busy to implement a successful marketing calendar. It’s for that reason that DMC has created the Marketing Mastery Program. By analyzing your current marketing, establishing clear goals, developing campaigns, and executing them flawlessly, DMC will truly put your marketing on auto-pilot.

With Marketing Mastery, you will be able to focus on taking care of all the new leads DMC will bring you. What’s the bottom line? Our Marketing Mastery program will bring you the consistent growth you desire and we will make it easy.

So What Makes DMC’s Marketing Mastery Program so Effective?

During Our In-Depth Discovery Process, We Carefully Examine and Analyze…

• Business Goals
• Product / Service Descriptions
• Customer Buying Profiles & Sales Process
• Previous Market Research
• Existing Marketing Collateral & Tactics
• Previous Press Releases
• Key Service Benefits/Hidden Benefits and Differentiators
• Positioning
• Key Messaging
• Key Competitors – Strengths & Weaknesses, Similarities & Differences
• Associations, Partnerships, Endorsements, Awards, & Certifications
• Social Media Presence & Postings
• Web Review (Your Website should be more than a billboard)

During the Development of Your Marketing Strategy, We…

• Define Features and Benefits of Your Product or Service
• Identify Your Target Markets
• Analyze the Competition
• Assess Distribution Channels
• Examine the Buying Process
• Create Positioning and Messaging
• Identify Awareness and Marketing Opportunities
• Identify Offline Marketing Opportunities
• Identify Online Lead Generation Opportunities
• Recommend and Develop Marketing Activities for a Tactical 12 Month Marketing Plan
• Document Findings in an Easy-to-Use Document
• Develop a Comprehensive Marketing Portfolio

Based on Our Findings, DMC will Design, Produce, and Implement…

• Unique Prospecting Campaigns
• Retention Solutions
• Sales Letters
• Reactivation Campaigns
• Development of Authority-Building Shook
• Sales Follow Up Program
• Referral Program
• Holiday/Birthday Campaigns
• Custom Personalized Calendars for Gifting Top Clients
• Other Innovative Solutions to your Specific Needs

As you can see, DMC’s Marketing Mastery Program covers every base when it comes to thoroughly developing an extensive and effective marketing strategy. With the Marketing Mastery Program, DMC goes to a great length to obtain a level of sustainable growth previously unrealized by our clients.

To learn more simply call 813.579.9540 to schedule your one-on-one introduction call with Devin Herz or email [email protected].

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