Superior Solutions

Superior Solutions

Success in marketing hinges on separating your business from the competition; that is why all of our solutions are designed for you to be remembered and sought-out by the customers that are ready to spend their money on your products and services now!

From PrintAVizion to Die Cut Mailers to Outrageous 3D/Lumpy Mail, our unique brand of creativity and decades of experience will ensure that your product or service stands out from the crowd. Here are just some of the innovative and eye-catching solutions we offer to reach your ideal customer.


Astonish clients with this revolutionary fusion of video media and printed materials that can fit in the palm of their hand. Copy, design, and high-quality video is the powerful combination that will convince your prospects that you mean business!


One of DMC’s specialties is creating breathtaking, buzz-generating marketing! Shock and awe your audience with our unique products that have the staying power to impact your potential clients beyond a simple sales letter.


Throwing an event or trying to set a 1-on-1 appointment? DMC’s event domination package will get your invitation read by your targeted guest through DMC’s extensive evaluation and custom-invite creation.


DMC takes the guesswork out of creating an effective newsletter program. The one main thing we preach about marketing is that CONSISTENCY is the KEY TO SUCCESS and our Mini-zines are the answer!


Every business owner needs to be an Author to be the AUTHORity in their industry. DMC’s Shook product gives you the edge over your competition. We will design, write, and print your Shook for you!


Making an immediate impact will get you through the gatekeepers, give you more opportunities, fill your sales funnels with leads, and get you in front of the decision-makers. Bust down the doors of your potential WHALE CLIENTS.


Have the birthdays of your current clients? Then you need to be doing our easy-to-implement monthly birthday campaign. These personalized postcards are a great attention-getter and show your clients that you care.


There is a time and place to hit the masses with your message and saturate your desired market. EDDM is an inexpensive solution to your neighborhood marketing needs that we can handle from creation to implementation.


Retention marketing will usually give you the highest return, but there’s something to be said for the power of a good prospecting campaign. If your lead lists are running low, our multi-step process is sure to bring a lot of new faces to your door.

As you can see, DMC’s Superior Solutions covers every base when it comes to thoroughly wow-ing your customers with materials that will keep them interested in and loyal to your business for years to come.

To learn more, simply call 813.579.9540 or email [email protected] to speak to one of our representatives about what solutions will solve your personal marketing problems.

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