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Top 4 Reasons to Expand Your Business Through Social Marketing

The Super Bowl is all about the commercials!

5 Great Phoning Tips Everyone Can Use

With e-mails, tweets, blogs, texts, and other easy electronic forms of communication now fairly mainstream, I couldn’t help but think now might be a great time for some old-fashioned, back to the basics, tried and true tips for PHONING! Everyone still uses the phone from time to time, but it’s those that still embrace it that might surprisingly have the edge over the techno-geeks. No offense to the geeks out there! I’m simply suggesting that we all might need a good refresher on our phoning skills from time to time. And NOW is the time!



Project Highlight – Tardus BFF Rewards Program

We tell our clients all the time that they are only limited by their own imagination. As such, we are constantly getting requests to take on new and different projects and we love every single one!  


[STOP] No! Don’t do it!

The summer is almost here and just about the worst thing you can do is…  


Marketing Artist vs Marketing Scientist

Is marketing an art or is it a science?  


Do results = happiness? OR does happiness = results?

Every company wants their people to do well and enjoy their work.

And we believe everyone should work hard in order to be happy, right? 

But could we be thinking about things backwards? 

Check out this fast-paced and very funny talk, where psychologist Shawn Achor argues that, actually, happiness inspires us to be more productive. 


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