Darren Mason


Client Relations

From the beginning of his career, Darren has taken pride in being referred to as “The Glue!”
Subsequent to acquiring a Masters in Computer Science, Darren quickly grasped that his true gift was not in his ability to manipulate 0s and 1s, but more so in his innate talent to engage with customers to ensure they have an experience of significance.

Relishing change and truly living by the motto “life is NOT a dress rehearsal,” Darren has a diverse background in careers, ranging from computer consultancy to personal training, from commodities trading to marketing advisor. He even took a Spanish language 2-year sabbatical to boot.

During Darren’s stretch as a marketing advisor with Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle (GKIC), which required an in-depth exploration of the small business marketing principles of GKIC founder and marketing legend Dan Kennedy, Darren witnessed firsthand the amazing life and business transformation that can occur when a business is placed on a strict diet of consistent and measurable marketing.

Darren brings to DMC not just his zest for life, wealth of business experience and marketing implementation know-how, but also an uncanny ability to help clients shortcut their own marketing learning curve. The Chicago-native sustains his “take no prisoners” approach to life through his unwavering commitment to a lifestyle that is both physically and mentally challenging, and always healthy.